NIR Therapeutic - Healthlight infrared therapy offers the latest in PILT technology bringing relief painful numb feet that have resulted from poor circulation
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Proven by science, endorced by clinical professionals, and embraced by patients, NIR™ - Healthlight™ infrared therapy is changing lives and restoring hope.

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NIR™ Therapeutic - Healthlight™ is FDA cleared for increasing localized blood circulation (micro-circulation) and the reduction of pain. Each NIR™ - Healthlight™ therapy system utilizes specialized infrared LEDs with a peak power rating of 100mw. These high-powered infrared LEDs allow for effective, deep penetration into soft tissue, which initiates many of the photobiological effects that take place.
Infrared Therapy

Nitric Oxide (NO), is the biochemical believed to enable infrared therapy to be so effective. NO is a free radical gas that is understood to be one of the bodies most powerful vasodilators. By causing the NO to become active and perform its natural function, LED infrared light therapy has shown to be an effective tool in healthcare.
Infrared Therapy

Infrared LED therapy has certainly come along way since CEFCO, Inc brought forth infrared therapy to the equine market over 25 years ago. In fact, NIR™ Therapeutic - Healthlight™ is engineered and manufactured by some of the very same staff that was with CEFCO, Inc all that time ago. With so many years of experience with infrared therapy, it is no wonder that NIR™ - Healthlignt™ Therapeutic surpasses all other infrared light therapy LED devices on the market today.
Light Therapy

As you may already know, light therapy has many other effects that go beyond that produced by near infrared therapy. UV light can be used for sterilization and tanning. Far infrared light therapy is often used for body detoxification. Full spectrum light has shown to aid in vitamin D synthesis and reduce the effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Lasers have been used in surgery for years, and are now being used as an effective aid for quitting smoking. The power of light is real. Its uses are simply being realized and implemented.
Infrared Therapy

Infrared light LED therapy has been used on countless conditions with great success. Infrared therapy is only contraindicated for pregnancy and malignancy due to the unknown effects that infrared light therapy might have on these conditions.
Infrared Therapy


Infrared Light therapy has also been given the names LED therapy, infrared therapy, light therapy, phototherapy, and more recently photodynamic therapy (PDT) or Intense Pulsed Light therapy (IPL). Anodyne has also become a well know term associated with infrared therapy as the term identifies properties of relieving pain. A study done by the Mayo Clinic in 1989 suggests that the results of light therapy are a direct effect of light itself, generated at specific wavelengths, and are not necessarily a function of the characteristics of coherency and polarization associated with lasers. In a study entitled Low-Energy Laser Therapy: Controversies and New Research Findings, Jeffrey R. Basford, M.D. of the Mayo Clinic's Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, suggests that the coherent aspect of laser may not be the source of its therapeutic effect. He states, "Firstly, the stimulating effects (from therapeutic light) are reported following irradiation with non-laser sources and secondly, tissue scattering, as well as fiber optic delivery systems used in many experiments rapidly degrade coherency.

LEDs have seen a major increase in popularity and use since 1995. The first LED therapy units available for purchase in the equine industry (CEFCO) used 8mW peak power per diode, today the NIR™ - Healthlight™ system uses 100mW peak power (per diode) infrared LEDs rated at 3,000mcd (millicandle power). This greatly influences the treatment times. The NIR™ system provides power at an affordable cost.

In 1998 a Nobel Prize was awarded for the discovery of a free radical gas known as Nitric Oxide (NO). Since its discovery, countless studies have been conducted showing NO to be one of the bodyís most powerful vasodilators. This bio-chemical is believed to be released by infrared light therapy, and the mechanism of action that allows it to be so successful.

NIR™ - Healthlight™ infrared therapy pads make treatment easy and efficient. NIR™ - Healthlight™ pad(s) should be placed as close as possible (skin contact, LED side to the skin) to the affected area as to allow the infrared light photo energy to provide the maximum benefit. Because the power density decreases (inversely proportional) with increasing distance between the LEDs and treatment area when using the NIR™ system, always keep the LEDs as near as possible to the area being treated.

While registered and proven to increase circulation and relieve pain, recent clinical and field studies suggest that infrared LED light therapy treatment may ease the symptoms and reduce the risk of many conditions caused by poor circulation such as pain and numbness, chronic wounds, and other musculoskeletal injuries.
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Infrared Light Therapy
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Infrared Light Therapy
Infrared Light Therapy
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I have been receiving NIR infrared light therapy treatments for about 6 weeks now, and LOVE IT! The pain in my feet is virtually gone, and I have been able to stop taking my pain medication. ... [more]

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